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Are you looking for a good computer? Then you you will find it in Z&S Media in Genk.

Z&S Media specializes in computer repair, laptop computers, GPS and many more. We are an independent repair shop and we have our own technical service and well-equipped workshop with modern equipment. Therefore we can fix almost any computer or laptop.

Our main activities consist of consulting services and resolving all common problems. They range from the repair of defective computers and laptops, installing hardware and software, e-mail settings, internet connections, virus problems and the like. In the computer shop there is a well-equipped workshop and many replacement parts in stock.

Even if you purchase a computer or laptop elsewhere, we can install it for you and transfer your old data to your new system such as documents, pictures or e- mail messages. All this without an appointment. During opening hours, you can offer your computer for repair and it will be fixed as soon as possible and you will be notified when it is ready.

Our method of repair        

When you bring your computer or laptop to us for repair, we make sure if its possible that we can repair it and if its necessary to replace any computer components. On this basis the client will get an indication of the costs. Of course we discuss the costs with the client before we proceed with the repair. Only after your approval we will continue with the repair. If the purchase of another computer or laptop would be a better benefit for you then repairing the old computer or laptop, then we will inform you about that. Here you can always rely on personal contact and advice. You will receive, after your computer is repaired, an invoice with description of what is done on your computer or laptop. Also, with the possible replacement computer parts.

We carry the laptop repair with the utmost care and as cheap as possible for you , no matter where you purchased the laptop or what needs to be repaired to the laptop. The laptop repair has to remain affordable.  What we do is listen to your needs and make a suitable offer. If you wish, we can make your product ready for use and install it at your home. Photographs, documents, music, e-mail, favorites, and so on will be put on the new PC/laptop. We connect peripherals such as printer, webcam, etc. too. Furthermore, we quietly lay everything out and there is time for asking questions.

We also offer computer services to computer problems and computer services remotely. We can solve most computer problems remotely. We provide help or PC computer service at home, in the office or at school. Our professional staff can for example also take care of your Internet connection, the installation of wireless networks, connecting computers, installing software or securing your computers . The repair is performed by qualified and experienced personnel, obviously with guarantee.

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As a specialist in laptop/ computer repair in Limburg you can come to us for the following:

Repairs, -Back up, -Data recovery –Cleaning, -Parental control, -Help at a distance, – Windows does not boot, -Computer freezes, -Computer virus, -Hard disk defect, -mouse freezes, -Screen shows no picture, -Blue screen, -Sound does not work, -Computer is slow, -Internet is slow, –Computer is warm, -Computer makes noise, -Ventilator blows hard, -Can not send e-mail, -Outlook does not work, -Windows update, -Windows activation, -Warranty after sales…

Maintenance service € 20, what does that mean?                                                                                                                                               

A customer can also bring his or her laptop or system for the following :    

 – Removing the dust from the Cooling System

-The Removal of unnecessary files and Internet browser windows that made the laptop or pc slower .

– Optimizing Windows boot process .

-A Report giving the condition of the Hard Disk and the system so that the customer can intervene in time to prevent the lost of the datafiles (photos , text documents and programs).

A few reasons to buy or repair your laptop at our shop            

Would you like assistance in a personal and sincere way at an affordable price? Z&S Media is pleased to offer that solution. We are very well known in laptop repair in Limburg and far beyond.

a-Competitive prices for repair of laptop and computer

b-You know immediately what the repair will cost

c-You will always receive an offer

d-Expert staff

e-Repair within days

f-We guarantee affordable quality

g-The best service for the best price

h-Guarantee and excellent service after sales




The purchase of a second-hand laptop from us comes standard with one month warranty.  Should a customer wish to choose an extended warranty package, then we can offer the following: Additional 6 months of guarantee for €40 or an additional €60 12 months warranty. All our laptops, computer components, computer parts and peripherals warranty is granted either by the manufacturer or by us.

This warranty applies to selling computer parts and laptops . In addition we also offer a service guarantee in consultation with the customer on a charge for example for internet installation, landscaped networks, etcetera, both for individuals, schools, businesses and agencies.

This warranty only covers our work that is done by us and possibly also the replaced parts.